Journalists: get a Narcan training at Klein News Innovation Camp

One of the most universal stories for journalists today is one of opioid addiction. Both for those who are already reporting close to communities with high levels of usage and others following the stories of intervention from afar, the usage of Narcan is likely familiar.

Narcan is among the most common brand names of Naloxone, a medication that blocks the effects of opioid use, especially the overdoses that are resulting in massive deaths across the country.

One of the most interesting, important and newest additions to the Klein News Innovation Camp program this year will be an afternoon Narcan administration training, thanks to the idea and coordination of Billy Penn Editor Shannon Wink. The training, which will essentially span the final three sessions of the day for those who choose to participate, will be administered by Prevention Point, a prominent needle exchange program in Philadelphia’s Kensington neighborhood. We’ll be joined by Prevention Point Education and Outreach Coordinator Elvis Rosado — who has saved dozens of people using the medicine.

Since space in this training will be limited, to secure a spot, you’ll get a (no additional cost) ticket from the event’s registration desk in the morning. We’ll recommend coming between 9-9:30am to guarantee inclusion.

Then after lunch, Rosado, with others, will answer your questions on trends in addiction, drug use, especially opioids, its impact on communities and how newsrooms can be a productive force. For those participating, the final two sessions of the day will feature a physical demonstration and training on administering Narcan.

The goal of this is both to expose journalists to on-the-ground realities to inform their reporting and also to improve the chances that someone who might report in these circumstances would be able to intervene.

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