What you’re gonna eat (and drink) at #BCNI16


In the earliest days of Barcamp News Innovation, when the ticket was free and there were no sponsors, we kept lunch cheap and simple. Fortunately the day has gotten far tastier — and more inclusive for speciality diets.

This year we’re working with our friends at Miles Table catering to keep you full and satisfied for lots of learning. (See the day’s overview agenda here). You get this tasty food plus learning for just a $15 ticket. (This is thanks to sponsors like Temple University’s School of Media Communications, our host for the day).


When the doors open at 9am, there will be assorted bagels, breakfast pastries, cream cheese, butter and jelly, with water, juice and locally famed La Colombe coffee (we’ll have coffee and water available all day).


At 12pm, while you’re enjoying our lunchtime keynote roundtable, we’ll have classic deli sandwiches and spreads, including gluten-free and vegan options, served with fresh chips and homemade cookies and brownies.


At 1:30pm, to help you get through the day, we’ll have crudités, assorted fruits and soft pretzels and dips.


At 4:30pm, we’ll close the day at the nearby college bar Draught Horse for a happy hour to catch up and what you learned. Your first drink (and the chance for a second) will be covered, plus we’ll have some hot fried food and other light appetizers. Your drink ticket will cover domestic beer, select wines and well drinks.

Not too bad for $15, right?

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