Why BarCamp NewsInnovation costs $5 in 2012

The first, biggest change to the fourth annual BarCamp NewsInnovation is that, for the first time, it isn’t free for everyone. We are charging $5, though those with a valid student ID can still get in free. Like other unconferences and high-quality eventin recent years, we’ve struggled to coordinate between estimates for attendance and those … [Read more…]

BarCamp NewsInnovation 2011 recap

The third annual BarCamp NewsInnovation was live as ever with three prominent advancements. Group Session: We had the dazzling Wall Street Journal social media editor Zach Seward talk deep analytics over lunch. Open Gov Hackathon: With the support of the Tropo team, we had a hackathon focused on tools that journalists could use, and the … [Read more…]