Keynote Discussion

Though most of the day’s programming is created by attendees themselves (in true unconference style), we do organize a few pre-planned elements so you can be sure what to expect. Since 2011, one of those pre-planned elements has been a lunchtime keynote, when more than 150 of our attendees each lunch and learn from industry notables.

Keynote Speakers:

  • 2011: Intelligence from Social Media Analytics by Zach Seward of Wall Street Journal
  • 2012: Experiences and Failures in Crowdsourcing by Daniel Victor of ProPublica
  • 2013: Homepage Moderation and Engagement by Emily McManus of
  • 2014: Reader Support and Reporting Methods by Amanda Zamora of ProPublica
  • 2015: Editorial Product Development by Lauren Rabaino of Vox Media
  • 2016: Editorial Tactics, Trends and Strategy Greg Linch from The McClatchy Company, Jess Estepa from National Geographic, Emily McManus, ‎from TED and Michael Gold from the New York Times
  • 2017: Fake News in National and Local News: a fireside chat with Bryan Monroe, formerly of CNN and Knight Ridder
  • 2018: 10th annual unconference featured 10 bold predictions for the future
  • 2019: CNN’s Michael Smerconish
  • 2020: Marsha Cooke, VP of Impact, Vice and Sewell Chan, Editorial Page Editor, Los Angeles Times
  • 2021: Outdoor Camp(fire) Edition
  • 2022: Nah, we skipped it, son
  • 2023: NPR Chief Diversity Officer Keith Woods