Why BarCamp NewsInnovation costs $5 in 2012

The first, biggest change to the fourth annual BarCamp NewsInnovation is that, for the first time, it isn’t free for everyone.

We are charging $5, though those with a valid student ID can still get in free.

Like other unconferences and high-quality eventin recent years, we’ve struggled to coordinate between estimates for attendance and those who actually come — complicating supplies, rooms, food and more. Many have found a nominal fee can often help attendance reflect RSVPs more closely or at least more consistently. That’s what we’re hoping.

It’s a small fee, and if that total will keep anyone from coming, we will happily make accommodations — just contact us. Whatever money comes from it will go to breakfast, lunch and the after-party. Come on, where else are you going to get a day’s worth of food, beer and news innovation conversations for what you got for allowance as a kid?

Feel free to let us know if you think we’re being fools!


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