Barcamp News Innovation 2014 by the numbers


We pulled together a bunch of the numbers and math for pulling together this year’s Barcamp News Innovation.

How many people attended throughout the day? Nearly 250 (our biggest yet).

  • 232 BCNI tickets sold online; nearly 100 Content Camp ticket sold: 134 BCNI online tickets redeemed, nearly 60 Content Camp online tickets redeemed; 15 on-site ticket sales; 20+ unregistered partners, organizers and volunteers participated

How much breakfast did you get? (thanks!) Enough for 100.

  • 8 dozen bagels, 8 boxes of Dunkin Donuts boxes of Joe; 1 box of hot water, 1 box of Decaf ($284); 2 dozen donuts ($15.98); 3 jugs of orange juice ($21)
  • We needed more cups than Dunkin gave us

How much lunch did you get (thanks Center for Public Interest Journalism)? Enough for 175.

  • Lunch from Greek Lady featuring hoagies and a garden salad ($915.46); ice ($7.98, in addition to some stuff we had leftover)
  • Whole Foods gluten-free curry chicken option for allergies ($20)
  • 6 12-packs of Coca Coal, 6 12-packs of Diet Coke; 3 cases of Sprite; 6 24-pack of bottled water ($132.34)

How banging was the after party? Planned for 75, upped to support 100

  • Last year, we had leftover food but with a shortened day (ending at 4pm, not 5pm) we expected more attendees, so we planned for 75 people, with free drinks and heavy appetizers. We ran out of both quickly, so I ordered more food but everyone only got their first drink. ($912.36)
  • We probably had closer to 100 people come through the happy hour.

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