Guess what year these news innovation session

To celebrate the 10th year of our news innovation unconference, our events team challenged our attendees: can you guess what year these sessions were hosted? Longtime attendee Ken Grant (of AAA Mid-Atlantic) won the game. How would you have done? You can find all our past sessions here. Find the answers below.

Yes Klein Camp is family friendly!

We spotted no fewer than four parents with kids in tow to take in this unconference on how news will continue to evolve. If you don't bring your best friend to #kleincamp18 are y'all even friends? Sis, wake up! We're learning how to use structured metadata for journalism w/ @Chronotope — Trenae V. Nuri … [Read more…]

Klein News Innovation Camp returns for its 10th year on Saturday, Oct. 13

Some of you will remember it as the gloriously organic Barcamp News Innovation; some will recall last year’s fresh rename. Either way, you know Klein News Innovation Camp as the live, ground-up conversation about newsroom trends and how journalism can best serve their communities, with programming determined day-of according to attendees’ suggestions. It’s the biggest gathering of journalists, … [Read more…]